Programs Offered at Madeenathunoor

  • 1) Higher Secondary In Integrated Islamic Studies (2 Years)
  • 2) Bachelor In Integrated Islamic Studies (5 Years)
  • 3) Diploma in Leadership and Community Development (1 Year)

MNC Campus

MNC located in a green surrounded location in Calicut- with the extract of all the Western Ghats serene natural beauty. Here, the students can trigger the logistics of knowledge through experiencing the warm beeps of the nature and cool pacifist atmosphere. The authority strictly follows the green protocol and plastic free policies to keeping the campus a better replica for the people of the generation. Such unparallel assumption over the transaction of knowledge and its practical means has been stated in the midst of the campus chorus in MNC. MNC has a capital campus at Poonoor, Calicut and more than fifteen affiliated and off campuses at different parts of the country. Capital Institution has the responsibility to control overall academics, examination and central faculty distribution, and other centers have their own independent administrative bodies to maintain the institution with everyday business. There are 1000 students studying at different campuses (as per the strength in 2018).

Off Campuses

Off Campuses of Madeenathunoor

  • 1) Madrasathu Imam Rrabbani ,Kanthapuram
  • 2) Darul Hidaya College, Engapuzha
  • 3) Imam Shafi College, Busthanabad
  • 4) Qadiriyya College, Karanthur
  • 5) Markazu Nnajath, Ekarool
  • 6) Isra, Vadanapally
  • 7) Dalayilul Khairath ,Kakkidippuram
  • 8) Al Munavvara Kollam
  • 9) Omanur Shuhada Edu Campus
  • 10) Sayyed Fazl bin Swalih Jamalullaily Complex, Chelari
  • 11) Markaz Al Bilal, Cherippur
  • 12) Manhajul Huda Campus, Panur
  • 13) Al Zahra, Tharuvana

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It is an initiative ,whereby,the students are well trained to radiate the noble ideals of Islam across the world.