Since last 18 years MNC produced more than 300 hundred community leaders for serving community in education, health, training, research and administration. All alumni working at different parts of the country and abroad, for helping the marginal people to train to the mainstream with stable economy and advanced learning. The community welfare centers, cultural hubs and educational capitals which are working in different villages of the country and abroad effort to maintain the sustainable growth of the country’s vision of equality and justice in education and employment.

After their seven years learning and training in various streams of knowledge, they entering to services as community leaders, especially to the economically and educationally backward places of the country. Rather than scattered divisions of the works, these alumni is working as a single team with many con-federal units with proper strategy planning, accurate operation and constant observation to check out the works and development.

This is neither a mere group of graduates nor team of particular people, instead of that, they used to make an enormous network of entrepreneurs, social leaders and cultural activists of the country, which mainly helpful to unlock the constraints of community development and social welfare of different strategies.

The first generation of alumni is particularly focused in the opening of opportunities at different parts of the country and abroad by their more than one decade social experiment. In the second phase, they planning to develop such an outstanding mission, that is also a need of time, with making more human resource capitals with effective training, standardized learning and more technical skill based practices. Through that they dare to forecast the development of society in a multilateral level, by manufacturing more leaders to the world coming.

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It is an initiative ,whereby,the students are well trained to radiate the noble ideals of Islam across the world.