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Muhyudheen Saqafi Thaleekara

Muhyudheen Saqafi

Muhyudheen Saqafi Thaleekara is an experienced and versatile lecturer and HOD of Islamic Beleif (Aqeeda) for last 11 years at Madeenathunnoor College of Islamic Science. He completed his ten yearlong studies in Islamic Studies from Markaz University Calicut with Kamil Saqafi qualification. He holds a degree in Unani medicine. He has deep knowledge in Fiqh,Theology,Islamic belief,Islamic History,Logic and Astronomy.He holds NCPUL certified Diploma in Functional Arabic and Urdu. His rich experience can be assessed in the years of engagement he has had with Markaz Garden institutions since its inception.

Contact: 9142169348
Office: 0495 2220885