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Markaz Garden is now set for the Second International Da’awa Conference

Poonoor: Markaz Garden completes its first-time preparations for the long-awaited second International Da’awa Conference. Dr. MAH Azhari, the chief host of Madeenathunnoor Dawa Conference, announced on Monday that the conference will be started by the dawn of 8th January. Markaz Garden is by this time ready to host hundreds of delegates from different places in India. The conference happens to be a great congregation of hundreds of Muslim scholars, academics and students. This gathering-endeavour proposed to discuss and talk about the propagation of Islam deliberately aims at addressing the problems faced by Islam and Muslims across the world and propounding enough solvents for this time of misrepresented Islam. This would consist of various scholarly sessions, introducing the vitality of reviving the way we live and we propagate. More importantly, prophetic tradition and the legacy of real Islam’s propagation would be discussed in the sessions. Prominent and internationally famous Islamic scholars and intellectuals will address the gathering with various types of very relevant topics. The presence of Sheikh Habib Ali Aljifri, Dr. Ahmad Sa’ad Ahmad, Shaikh Own Al Qadoomi and several other distinguished personalities from the Arab and western world will be the focal attraction of this international event. And the registration is open to public via the website www.markazgarden.org and the telephone number +918907616999.

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