Markaz Garden Group of Institution was established on the onset of this millennia by blending the religious wisdom and secular studies with a name to make Islamic renaissance possible. Other than in Madeenathunoor College of Islamic science, Markaz Gardens School of Management, Global Student’s Village and civil service examination coaching center are the chief institutions in the main campus. Besides, around one thousand students study in the intra state off campuses in Kanthapuram, Engapuzha, Bustha nabad, Ekarool, Karanthoor, Kakkidippuram, Vadanapalli, Kollam and Parathakkad and in interstate affiliated off campuses in Bangalore, Coorg and Indore.

The alumni of madeenathunnor are attributed by the term ‘Nurani’. The importance of this college can be traced only if we understand the field which Nooranis conquered and their path of service they carry on. Today, Islamic propagation activities in almost all the states of India are lead by Nuranis. Hundreds of masjids, madrassas, schools and colleges have been established in the north eastern states like Assam West Bengal and Manipur by the Nuranies without any consideration to religion or sects. It can be said that Nuranis are giving bread and wisdom to hundred thousands of downtrodden and marginalized people to whom the bread comes prime and religion, a choice.

Nowadays Islam is being obscenely illustrated by those who receive world class education and manage to get high quality positions and white collar jobs. In this scenario where Islam is being badly presented by the official designations and hiding the realities, an array of scholars who are capable of defending this atrocities, must come in all the fields. Students of madeenathunoor are nurtured by this objective.

Hundreds of Nuranis are doing their post graduation and doctoral research in world renowned universities like Cambridge university, Leeds university and many universities in Portugal , Germany, Turkey and Yemen and India’s best universities like JNU, DU, Aligarh university, JMI, HCU, IIT-G, IIT-C. Researchers are being held on about twenty streams including sociology, psychology, economics, management studies and politics.

Nuranis have pen in numerous internationally acclaimed journals and partook in many conferences around the globe. The students, who study in the main campus and the ten off campuses, have been conquering new heights were a mere hundreds have reached. A major segment of the students are being invited to introduce Islam in international seminars and conferences during the study course itself. Students of madeenathunoor are regular columnist of many leading global journals in English and Arabic languages. Its doubles to say that the students could deeply study the religious text along with materialistic education are the clerics of the coming generation. Insha Allah.

Our library and kuthubkhana (traditional text and archives) plays a quiet essential role in molding the pool of students who are capable and confident of presenting the Islam which is being misinterpreted by the west. They earn the religious wisdom and secular knowledge by toiling among the available books, day and night. But it’s very sad to say that these fetes would be impossible without the availability of much more journals and books in the mentioned languages. Here we are proposing a budget of rupees 10 million for a state of art conglomerate at your disposal, it’s sure that this is several folds greater than any charities to be given in this holy month. Facilities have been set to buy books and religious text as a waqf in the name of beloved ones who departed from you. We hope a helping hand from you in this holy month.


Yours faithfully,

Dr. A P Abdul Hakeem Azhari

Director, Markaz Garden Group of Institutions

Poonoor, Unnikulam (po),

Calicut, Kerala, India, 673574


Ph: 9446 418830. 9020605792