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Registration Closed to the ABC Second Phase

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Markaz Garden: Madeenathunnoor College host a three days Academic Bridge Course (ABC) for SSLC completed students. The second phase will be held on April 11,12 and 13 at Markaz Garden campus.The course include various sessions on personality empowerment, goal setting ,career guidance,skill improvement, communicative English, soft skill, spiritual life lead by eminent scholars ,trainers, educanists and academicians including Shaikh Aboobaker Ahammed(Rector,Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniyya), Dr.Muhammed Abdul Hakeem Azhari(Director,Markaz Garden Group of Institutions),Dr.Umarul Farooque Saqafi Kottumala (Senior Research Fellow at Jamia Millia Islammiyya New Delhi), Ameerhasan Australia(HR Manager, Markaz University),Abdu Manipuram(Executive Director,IHRAM Calicut),Abdul Kader Karuvanchal(Principal,MESS Karanthur),C.P Ashraf(Programme Executive,IAME Calicut),Muhsin Kizhisheri(Chief trainer,IHRAM Calicut)…etc.It covers debates and interactons on different topics with edu experts and professionals.The course will pack up the students to select various courses on the basis of their aptitude and skill to shine in future. The participants of the course will enjoy a priority in the admission process to Markaz Garden campus and off campuses. It is a three days residential course including a study trip with a payment of Rs.500.Seats available on the basis of first-call-first-serve basis.
Call for further details at 89807616999, 9020569111.

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