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Markaz Garden School of Management

Located in a serene campus near the riverside of Poonoor, MGSM has all that which makes a business school unique. In addition, the basic foundational ideals of this institute are formed out of an incorporation of Islamic value system into the modern management and business principles. Over the few years in the past in which the Institute has been in existence, we have realized that there is a real demand for ethically-motivated business leaders. The graduates from this institute are moulded to excel at the competitive global economy. At the same time, they are also torch bearers often of unethically-driven business.

This is because; ourr academic soundness has driven the students to provocative business thinking, effective administrative manoeuvres and excellent communicative skills restyling conventional wisdom. MGSM discovers the instinct success, nurtures it and bring it to the global exposure. The vibrant and creative surroundings impart the managerial competences which are immediately applicable. All about the MGSM is it optimal design. Invest your talent; unleash your potential, lead anywhere in globe