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Dr.Umarul Farooque Saqafi honoured

Markaz Garden: Umarul Farooque Saqafi honoured in Madeenathunnoor Second International Da’awa Conference for completing his doctoral research in Managememnt Studies from Jamia Millia Islamiyya New Delhi by Shaikh Abubaker Ahmad, Shaikh Habibali Jifry and Dr.Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Azhari .He is the principal of Markaz Garden School of Management and senior faculty at Madeenathunnoor College of Islamic Science. He is a veteran educationist,academician and writer. He has authored three more books on various titles, has presented papers in much national and international conference, has visited many countries including Iran, Turkey and U.A.E.Currently he is an executive member in Kalalyam and Wisdom clubs of Kerala State Sunni Students Organization. The conference was rich by the presence of international scholars and academicians. For last ten years Dr.Farooque saqafi is working at Markaz Garden.

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