Director's Message

Welcome to Markaz Garden Group of Instituitions. A nongovernmental and philanthropic Institute founded in 2001 to mould a highly talented professionals and scholars. Today, it is evident from our performance that it is an Institute of national impact and International repute, a premier institute for knowledge seekers from different parts of the globe. However, no one, nor I, can claim to be the sole architect of its success.

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International Da'awa Conference 2016
Sheikh Habibali Jifry address at Second Madeenathunnoor International Da'awa Conference 2016
Young Nurani scholars steps out
Young Nurani scholars steps out,Photo:International Milad Conference
Sheikh Habibali Al Jifry,Dr.Riyaz Hasan Bazu Lebanan release the latest travelogue of Dr.Abdul Hakkim Azhari published by IPB Calicut
Dr.Riyad Hasan Bazu and Sayyid Zainul Abideen releases the malayalam version of الحق المبين